Romantic, wordy, and a tad goofy.

Creative Employment - Epilogue

Tom felt the build-up in Will's body, the signs he was about to come. He had tightened his legs around Tom's ass, his lean face intense and arms tensed and locked as he was fucked against the kitchen counter, balancing on his hands and his lover's pelvis. 

"Oh, god, fuck, Tom," Will groaned and threw his head back, shifting his weight so he could grind his ass more into Tom, who wouldn't let Will's cock go until he was done. The wiry muscles of his arm stood out, and Tom couldn't believe how sexy he looked.

"Fuck," Grasping Will's ass now with both hands he pulled him forward roughly, growling his name as he felt arms tighten around his neck and the rush of his orgasm while putting all his strength into keeping their bodies togather. "Oh, fuck, Will..." He buried his face in Will's shoulder as he spasmed, the sticky wetness of come like glue between them. Time stopped, everything stopped, and then imploded. An extended groan escaped, his fingers digging into Will's skin.

They stood there for a second, chests heaving and Will's forehead leaning against his shoulder. 

"Oh, fuck," He breathed again. "We're so screwed." Will laughed out loud and dropped his legs to the floor where his pants were, and Tom slipped out. The movement relieved the aching strain from both their arms. Not that Tom was complaining, really.

"Yeah..." Will's voice was husky, and he was pulling each of his arms in turn over his chest, giving them a good stretch. "That was probably not the best time to do that, honestly." He lifted an eyebrow at Tom, and dropped his arms to poke him in the stomach. "It's completely your fault."

"Hey!" Tom stepped back, looking faux-affronted. "I wasn't the one who kept saying he wanted to do it on the counter again, was I?"

"It was a casual comment!" Will defended himself, pulling his jeans up his ass.  He looked down at his cum-stained polo shirt, snorted, and took it off, flinging it to the side in a hilariously 'oh, what the hell' gesture. "How was I to know you couldn't control yourself?" He was doing a crap job at looking affronted; he actually had one of small smiles on, the mysterious one that drove Tom crazy.

Sometimes that smile meant something good, sometimes it meant something wicked, depending on the situation. Usually, Tom thought bemusedly, it meant both. "You've got to stop grabbing my ass when making casual comments. Completely confuses things." Will rolled his eyes and was obviously planning a sarcastic comment, but Tom pulled him forward, causing an "umph!" and his hands around his waist.

Will recovered quickly, narrowing his eyes and used the opportunity to squeeze his ass once again. "Honestly, Mr. Naughton," He said dryly, putting on his best managerial voice, "I have to say it appears to be the fault of your ass, not my hands. You might seriously consider covering that up. It's a goddamn hazard."

"Is that what you really want, never to see my ass again?"

"Hmmmm. No. It's still your fault, though. You wanted to fuck me, and you know it." 

"Maybe," Tom grinned. Actually, Will was correct, he'd totally been the instigator. They'd both been really busy at their respective jobs lately, and it'd been days since they'd had sex. Also, while Tom actually prefered to bottom, every once in a while he had an almost wild urge to fuck Will. Okay, he had to admit to himself, not almost wild. And, for whatever reason, it usually happened somewhere other than their bed.

This was a theme with them, and continued the first time they had played with switching. They'd been watching a movie a couple of weeks after first making themselves official, and then it had turned into fooling around; soon Will was between his legs, mouth wrapped around his cock and his adorable ass outlined in his cotton pants. The whole scene brought up a unique urge in Tom, completely out of the blue.

"Let me fuck you." He'd said, surprising himself.

Will had lifted his head, brow furrowed as if considering the words, but had then smiled quickly. "Gladly." 

There'd been some confusion, but Will was as confident a bottom as he was a top, and the second he'd climbed on Tom's cock it had felt so tight, and so good, it took him everything he had to not come instantly. It'd just gotten better, just like their ocassional forays into BDSM. Honestly, it all sort of stunned Tom, how easy it had all been for the past 5 months, at least the parts with Will. Yes, only some members of his family were still talking to him, but they were all his favorite members, and some others seemed to be coming around. And it'd been a good process for him to learn to differentiate between his real friends who liked all of him and the ones who'd only been into the funny, chill jock aspects of his personality that he kept on the outside. 

And despite all that, and despite both of them sometimes having moments of being stubborn dicks, the vast majority of the time he was with Will felt incredible, and right. It was like living with his best dude friend in the world, except the sex with that best friend was mindblowing, and constantly evolving. He hadn't known it was what he wanted until he had it, and he suspected that anything that might come afterward would have a hard, possibly impossible, time living up to this. 

"What you thinkin', Naughton?" Will asked, and flicked his forehead.

"That you're an asshole." Tom growled, and kissed him before letting him go and pushing himself upright. "Also, once again, that we're going to be so friggin' late to meet your sister and mom at the airport."

"We could make them get a car service - and hell, the amount of time those two have made me wait over the years would add up to one hell of a total, and they owe me." Despite his tough words, however, Will started to hustle, quickly running into the shower to rinse off and dashing about to put his clothes on, Tom taking a moment to spray and wipe down the counter before going through the same steps. 

Soon after they walked out of the condo, Tom locking the door behind them. "Who's driving?" He asked, bouncing the keys. Will shrugged. 

"Doesn't matter, really. What do you prefer?" 

"I'm good either way," Tom said, "but I have the keys, and this will allow you to get out instantly and go in for the hugs. I suspect there will be lots of hugs." 

"Always so practical. I can't wait until they finally meet you." Will leaned forward, grabbed the back of his head, and kissed him hard. "Thanks, you." 

"Anytime." Tom squeezed Will's forearm, and kissed his forehead. "Anywhere." 

Will laughed, and Tom smiled, pleased to make him happy, and pleased to be meeting some of his family. Honestly, it was almost all pleasure, this new thing they had, in a way he used to think he didn't deserve or earn. But what mattered was that it existed, and that was everything. 

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