discerning palate

Isaac, a successful young pastry chef with a tendency to run his mouth off, has been wheedled into using his talents to help his favorite cousin get her new business off the ground. He's not crazy about the idea of being back in his suburban hometown for the first time in years, but he figures the most intense thing he'll have to put up with during his time there is the verbal abuse from his stressed-out relative.

He was wrong.

First a hot cop enters his life waving a gun, and then he manages to get into a bar fight - and to run into an ex-friend and old obsession who's even more disturbingly good looking than he was back in high school. Soon Isaac's in too deep, confused in love and dragged into dealing with the town's version of the mob. How the hell is he going to escape all the trouble he's in? And, equally important, is escape what he really wants?

A Continuing Series!

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the groupie

Ethan Moeller is a shy and skitterish young artist, aware he is gay but low in self-esteem and inexperienced sexually.

Ethan surprises himself when he hooks up with Zane Butler, the charismatic and complicated singer of the indie rock band Snowborne. He now knows he has a weakness for attractive, slightly older men in tight jeans and great boots, and that he'd follow anywhere Zane would ask him to, but is that a good thing?

And what the hell IS Zane thinking? It's always so very hard to tell...

A continuing series!

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creative employment

Will Merrin has everything one would think a 29-year-old man would want: Looks, health, self-confidence, a fast track career in business and an extremely well-paying job in a bustling East Coast City.

But he's lonely in a new city and over-worked, and is starting to get sick of being celibate. Or at least that's what he tells himself is the reason he starts messing around with his ostensibly 'straight' IT guy.

Tom's hot, charming, and fun to be around, but can't seem to make up his mind what he's doing with both a female fiancee and a gay playmate. Will's usually so very discerning, and too intelligent and savvy to run through such an emotional and mental minefield.

So if he's so damn smart, why can't he stop?

A completed series!

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